Make a Hit List

In Evangelism on April 23, 2012 by The Spillover

Good advice from Erik Raymond:

Prior to becoming a pastor I worked in the insurance industry. One aspect of this job that I really enjoyed was my regular time with so many different people. As I tried to get to know them I found out that most were not believers. I knew that in order to reach them with the gospel I needed to be more intentional. I began a quick little file called, “hit-list.” Contrary to the title this list was a list of unbelievers whom I was praying for and hoped that they would come to know Jesus. I would keep a file that referenced various types of conversations, needs, and burdens that they have expressed. I would also reference how I planned to try to reach them. (this became somewhat difficult to explain to the IT guy when he asked why my boss was on my “hit-list”).

Overall the “hit list” was very effective. It forced me to look at the names of unbelievers who were all around me. It moved me to pray for them and then talk with them. In short, it made me intentional.

If churches are going to be a faithful family of missionaries then we must underline the word intentional. Who has God put around us that need to hear about Jesus? Make a list, begin praying, and begin engaging.

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