Get Uncomfortable

In Being Real, Soul Food on May 25, 2012 by The Spillover

The surest way to make ourselves apathetic toward spiritual things is to make ourselves as comfortable as possible in this life.

God tells us that as Christians, we’re pilgrims here. Strangers in a foreign land. But do we live like it?

If you knew you would die today, would giving up your life be inconceivable, due to all the people and things you would miss so dearly?

Or if you knew you would die today, would you be relieved and joyous? Can you say with Paul that to die and be with Christ would be much better than what you have going on right now (Phil 1:23) and that your longing to stay in this world is strictly because of the work you have left to do for Christ (Phil 1:24)?

We’re called to have shallow roots, to live as aliens, but there has never been a more comfortable civilization in the history of mankind. Comfort rocks us to sleep, singing us a lullaby of conformity.

My advice — to you and myself as well — is to get uncomfortable, intentionally, that when our final day comes, we might be able to say, “Ah, yes. Finally!”

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