Glorious Excellencies

In Soul Food on June 11, 2012 by The Spillover

Here is a piece of Jonathan Edwards’ account of conversions in New England at the dawn of the Great Awakening:

Many, while their minds have been filled with spiritual delights, have as it were forgot their food; their bodily appetite has failed, while their minds have been entertained with meat to eat that others knew not of. The light and comfort which some of them enjoy, give a new relish to their common blessings, and cause all things about them to appear as it were beautiful, sweet, and pleasant. All things abroad, the sun, moon, and stars, the clouds and sky, the heavens and earth, appear as it were with a divine glory and sweetness upon them. Though this joy includes in it a delightful sense of the safety of their own state, yet frequently, in times of their highest spiritual entertainment, this seems not to be the chief object of their fixed thought and meditation. The supreme attention of their minds is to the glorious excellencies of God and Christ; and there is very often a ravishing sense of God’s love accompanying a sense of His excellency. They rejoice in a sense of the faithfulness of God’s promises, as they respect the future eternal enjoyment of Him.

One Response to “Glorious Excellencies”

  1. This was a great encouragement to me as I fast for the glorious excellencies of God that await our church, the music ministry and my life…thanks for this post

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