A Young Jonathan Edwards on God’s Sovereignty

In Soul Food on August 20, 2012 by The Spillover

For him it all fell into place when he realized that the central theme of his own heritage — the sovereignty of God — could be the solution to finding the grand scheme of things. God’s sovereignty had been a problem for Edwards because he had underestimating its awesome implications. Edwards now saw that the universe was essentially personal, an emanation of the love and beauty of God, so that everything, even in-animate matter, was a personal communication from God. So in contrast to many contemporaries, such as Franklin, who saw Newton’s laws of motion as providing the model for understanding an essentially impersonal universe, Edwards started with a personal and sovereign God who expressed himself even in the ever-changing relationships of every atom to each other. This dramatic insight would be the key to every other aspect of his thought. Like a mathematician who had discovered an elegant solution to an immense problem, Edwards was captivated by the beauty of the insight.

–From A Short Life of Jonathan Edwards

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