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The Gospel in a Sentence

We are more sinful and flawed than we ever dared believe, yet more loved and accepted in Jesus Christ than we ever dared hope.

Tim Keller

Posted April 25, 2013 by The Spillover


Happy Easter!

Let us eat, drink, and be merry, for yesterday we were dead.

Russell Moore

Posted March 31, 2013 by The Spillover



Whoever is not satisfied with Christ alone strives after something beyond absolute perfection.

John Calvin

Posted March 13, 2013 by The Spillover


Most Destructive

The sin that is most destructive in your life right now is the one you are most defensive about.

Tim Keller

Posted February 13, 2013 by The Spillover


Worth Considering

A compassionate open home is part of Christian responsibility, and should be practiced up to the level of capacity.

Francis Schaeffer

Posted January 16, 2013 by The Spillover


The True Spirit of Prayer

The true spirit of prayer is no other than God’s own Spirit dwelling in the hearts of the saints. And as this Spirit comes from God, so doth it naturally tend to God in holy breathings and pantings. It naturally leads to God, to converse with him by prayer.

Jonathan Edwards

Posted December 17, 2012 by The Spillover


A continual looking forward to the eternal world is not (as some modern people think) a form of escapism or wishful thinking, but one of the things a Christian is meant to do. It does not mean that we are to leave the present world as it is. If you read history you will find that the Christians who did most for the present world were just those who thought most of the next. The Apostles themselves, who set on foot the conversion of the Roman Empire, the great men who built up the Middle Ages, the English Evangelicals who abolished the Slave Trade, all left their mark on Earth, precisely because their minds were occupied with Heaven. It is since Christians have largely ceased to think of the other world that they have become so ineffective in this. Aim at Heaven and you will get earth ‘thrown in’: aim at earth and you will get neither.

C.S. Lewis

Posted October 29, 2012 by The Spillover